Nicholas R.

Mike wrote both of my mortgages. The first was in 2005, it went without any problems. At the time he was training a select few individuals. When I say select, I mean an outstanding group of individuals. I had the pleasure to meet these few. They were very precise on any information that I provided, very professional, and I would not hesitate to recommend Mike and his staff.

On my second home, my Realtor tried to encourage me to use a local mortgage company that provided me with a detailed quote, however, they were not even close to Mike’s numbers. I knew how Mike worked, so it was easy for me to have Mike write me a mortgage 10 years later. Mike was still able to deliver on all his promises.

I now own my new home, solely to the hard and swift work that he put into it. I lived out of town, and was very compatible with the people I was working with across the state to close my new home on time.

Without Mike this would not have been possible and I would not be a proud owner of my new home. There is no other lender that I would recommend. It was the perfect experience for every homeowner to go through.

Nicholas R.

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