At Thelen Mortgage we treat every loan on individual basis and place our clients with the best lender suited for their needs. Need more proof? Below are testimonials about Thelen Mortgage from some satisfied customers.

The President at the Security Bank in Three Forks suggested that we call Chad and see if we qualify to refinance our home loan. I called Chad and met with him that morning. That got the ball rolling, and by Chads magic touch – we got refinanced! (he said we had a slim chance of getting a loan). Chad was professional and I love his sense of humor! Thank you Chad for pulling this off.

Bill & Shelley

Mike wrote both of my mortgages. The first was in 2005, it went without any problems. At the time he was training a select few individuals. When I say select, I mean an outstanding group of individuals. I had the pleasure to meet these few. They were very precise on any information that I provided, very professional, and I would not hesitate to recommend Mike and his staff.

On my second home, my Realtor tried to encourage me to use a local mortgage company that provided me with a detailed quote, however, they were not even close to Mike’s numbers. I knew how Mike worked, so it was easy for me to have Mike write me a mortgage 10 years later. Mike was still able to deliver on all his promises.

I now own my new home, solely to the hard and swift work that he put into it. I lived out of town, and was very compatible with the people I was working with across the state to close my new home on time.

Without Mike this would not have been possible and I would not be a proud owner of my new home. There is no other lender that I would recommend. It was the perfect experience for every homeowner to go through.

Nicholas R.

Mike worked to get my home refinanced when no one else would or could. My file was riddled with bad credit and divorce situation, but Mike never quit on me. He pressed through and got it figured out when everyone else had given up. I absolutely recommend Thelen Mortgage to everyone.

Ben B.

Mike was great. It was my first mortgage and a tricky one at that. He was very patient and helpful through the entire Process. I would strongly encourage everyone to give him a shot.

Monica E.

I have done multiple purchases with Mike and have never found any other broker that is as knowledgeable and thorough as Mike. He never has gave me the “run around” like other brokers I have tried, regarding the status of the loan or process. He has always been very precise and hones with answering all of my questions at any time of day. You can really tell that he is very seasoned in his work. All of my closings have always been on time and streamlined without a glitch, and that is very uncommon in my experiences with other local banks and brokers. Mike Thelen is my go to Mortgage Broker.

Nathan K.

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Mike twice now and I will say that it has been such a great experience. He is professional and being a first time home owner, he helped me thru the process with confidence and knowledge. He answered all and any questions I had and I would highly recommend him to anyone!


After shopping for a mortgage with local banks, I contacted Mike Thelen to see if Thelen Mortgage could do better. I was surprised when Mike was able to lock me in at a rate almost .5% better then the banks. On top of that there was no cash to close. When you’re ready to buy your new home, I strongly recommend you talk to Thelen Mortgage. I was pleasantly surprised, which rarely happens.


I had heard about Mike and Thelen Mortgage from another person with an investment property. I was skeptical about attempting to refinance after several failed attempts prior due to very strict lending requirements. After speaking with Mike he assured me that he could help me out . He was able to lock me in to a a much lower rate and get my property refinanced quickly. To make the experience even better he was able to use his connections to facilitate a closing in Billings for me. I would highly recommend Mike and Thelen Mortgage.


Mike at Thelen Mortgage helped us out with a refinance as well as the purchase of our new home. He did an incredible job with everything. He definitely went the extra mile to make sure everything was done properly and the signing went properly. If and when we decide to make another purchase he will be the first person we call. I would definitely recommend Thelen Mortgage to anyone looking for help in buying a house or refinancing.

The Roberts

I recently refinanced my home with Thelen Mortgage, and it was surprisingly painless! After an unexpected reduction in income, I tried to work with my financial institution for well over a year to lower my mortgage payments, with no luck at all. I could never get a straight answer from anyone, and I was at a point where I felt virtually invisible… and hopeless. Then, someone referred me to Thelen Mortgage. Chad actually listened to me and gave me the hope I’d be able to stay in my home. He went out of his way to secure the best possible result for me, which lowered my payment over $200 per month. I can honestly say working with the Thelens is one of the most positive experiences of my life; my home is my home again because of their efforts, and I sing their praises to anyone who will listen!

Becky NovarkMontana

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