Home Refinance

Everything You Need to Refinance Quickly and Easily

Refinancing your home means paying off your existing mortgage and replacing it with another mortgage. Benefits of a home refinance may include lowering your current payment, changing the term of your loan, or borrowing against the equity in your home to get cash out. To learn more about mortgage refinancing and determine if it makes sense for you, call us today.

Mortgage Refinance Options

If your mortgage is with another lender and you’re thinking about refinancing, give us a call. Our Regular Refinance and Cash-Out Refinance programs offer competitive interest rates and flexible loan terms.

Streamline Refinance

  • Conventional Loan (HARP)
  • (Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae)
  • Non-Servicer Guidelines/Restrictions apply
  • Veterans Administration (VA IRRL)
  • (Interest Rate Reduction Refinance)
  • Non-Servicer Guidelines/Restrictions apply
  • Regular Refinance

  • Conventional refinances
  • FHA refinances
  • VA refinances
  • Cash-Out Refinance

    Conventional cash-out
    Government (FHA/VA) cash-out refinances

    For help determining the type of mortgage refinancing option that’s best for you, please contact a Thelen Mortgage Loan Officer, or to begin the Mortgage process, click on “Apply Now” on the right side of this page.